Event Schedule

2015 Schedule TBA * Event Date: April 26th, 2015 from 10am-5pm

2014 was a blast! Thank you to all of the performers, bands, sponsors and everyone who came out to celebrate Earth Day with us!

West Stage - Bob FM 93.7

10:00 AM       Martial Arts on the Move

10:30 AM       Liam Kyle Cahill

11:30 AM       J-2

12:30 PM       BoHo Hoops

1:00 PM         Whitebulbs/Feather Merchants

2:00 PM         The Potentialists

3:00 PM         CRVSH

4:00 PM         Drinking With Clowns

East Stage - The X 100.1

10:00 AM       Electric Cat Fish

11:00 AM       Ballet Nevada

11:30 AM       Nancy and The Neighbors

12:30 PM       Zephyer Spirit Belly Dance

1:00 PM         Farewell Belladonna

2:00 PM         Love Like Wes

3:00 PM         Paisley Brain Cells

4:00 PM         Rigorous Proof

South Stage - Magic 95.5

10:00 AM       The Mountain Girls

11:00 AM       The Smokin' Rats

12:00 PM       The Bonfire Set

1:00 PM         Wheatstone Bridge

2:00 PM         Verbal Kint

3:30 PM         The Truckee River Band

Acoustic Stage - KOZZ 105.7

10:15 AM          Michelle Pappas

11:15 AM          Mick Raye

12:15 PM          My Acoustic Heart

1:15 PM            Chris Miles

2:15 PM            Galena High Rosas

3:15 PM            HoAloha

Animalia Stage

Girl Scouts Sing-A-Longs

Adoption Showcase

Creative Writing & Poetry Read

Pet Fashion Show

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Culinary Centerpiece - Vote for your favorite

Science Fair Project - Vote for your favorite

Pet Fashion Show - Vote for your favorite

Petitions & Pledges - Add your name to the Pledge Board or a Petition or Join a Rally!

Earth Day Games

Little Explorer's Expedition - Kid's map of activities throughout the event, complete 5 & receive a special kids prize

Exhibitor Treasure Hunt - Find the exhibitors w/ the special stamp & win a prize

Scavenger Trash Hunt - Have fun while keeping the Park clean

Knowledge Seeker - Attend at least 2 Workshops for a special prize

Rock Climbing Races!!!

Great Basin Workshops

Reno Skywatch                                     "Look Up" Movie                                 10:00 AM

Friends of NV Wilderness                    "Stand by Your Land"                         11:00 AM

League to Save Lake Tahoe                "Eyes on the Lake"                              12:00 PM

River School Farm                                                                                              1:00 PM

Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation  "Keying in on Idlewild Flowers"            3:00 PM

Safe Routes to School                          "Safe Routes and Safety"                    4:00 PM

Spirit Garden Workshops

Plastic Free Reno                                  "DIY Reusable Bags"                           11:00 AM

Reno Herpetological Society               "Hands on Exotic Pets"                        12:00 PM


Sierra Nevada Journeys                       "Hands on Family Challenge"                1:00 PM


Nevada Bugs and Butterflies               "Native Bee Houses & Insect Art"          2:00 PM

Laughter Life, Rebecca Brown            "Laughter Yoga for Earth Day"               3:00 PM


Dolce Vita Wellness Spa                      "Naturally Nourishing, Organic Facials"  4:00 PM

Earth Tech Workshops

GMO Free Nevada                                "Grassroots Activism 101"                  10:00 AM

Mama's Essentials                               "DIY Cleaning Cabinets"                     11:00 AM

Frack Free Nevada                               "Q&A on Fracking"                              12:00 PM

Sunvelope Solar                                   "Solar Water Heating"                           2:00 PM

Evaporative Control Systems             "Sand Hydroponics"                              3:00 PM

Earth Innovations Science Fair          "Transportation Demonstrations"          4:00 PM